“I would recommend Ron Joyner and Weatherproof to anyone!”

First, I would like to say a BIG thank you for coming to my house and selling us our metal roof.  Although it took me a while to pick the final color, we (I) finally decided on burnt slate. The color matched our house perfect.

Ron had several good selling points on why we should buy metal instead of going shingles.  One of the selling points was that we would never have to put another roof on the house.  The next selling point was it would lower our electrical bill.  Who would have thought that to be the truth?

We all hear that buying this or installing that will lower your bill every month.  But for us, it was the truth.  Our electrical bill in June and July 2011 was anywhere from  $350-$400.  In June and July 2012, our electrical bill was $280 for both months.  That is a savings of $70-$120 a month.  We also had a pool put in and we run the pump every day so you need to figure that in also.  We have had several people come to our house and look at the roof and tell us how beautiful it is and how it adds value to our home.

Last but certainly not least,  Ron is a Christian man.  He loves to tell you about God and how he is inspired by God every day.  Knowing that we were buying a roof from someone who loved what he did and loved the Lord, made this process a lot easier because we knew if we had a problem, he would come back and take care of anything that went wrong.  He is not a fly by night company. Also, the men he had working for him are wonderful.  It was a joy to have them come to our house and install our roof.

Having these Christian men at our house, made us feel safe when we left for work. They cleaned up everything and even enjoyed a night out at one of the local restaurants. I would recommend Ron Joyner and Weatherproof to anyone who is looking to have a metal roof put on their house. Thank you again for being a godly man and giving us a good price.


“We are very pleased with the Energy Star Metal Roof.”

Our Metal Roof was installed April 2009.

As of this date, we are very pleased with the Energy Star Metal Roof installed by WeatherProof, Incorporated.

The installers were very professional and cleaned up each day. Mr. Joyner, the WeatherProof representative, explained in detail how the roof would be installed and exactly how long it would take the installers. The roof was completed as he stated.

We chose the light gray color lifetime metal roofing system with titanium underlayment moisture barrier which was installed over our existing shingle roof.

We can definitely state that the attic has been much cooler, since the installation. Our summer in Dothan, Alabama has been one of the hottest.

We have no problem with anyone contacting us and inquiring about our new metal roof.


“All of the staff were professional, polite and extraordinary!”

Would like to express the excellence and gratitude to the Weatherproof Company for having an excellent foreman and staff. Mr. Ron Jayner is such an excellent gentleman. My roof was done by a staff that I would recommend highly.

Also putting a card at my job and telling my co-workers what a superior job they’ve done. All of the staff were professional, polite and extraordinary. Thanks for a job well done!


“Hiring Ron with Lifetime Roofing has been a positive experience..”

Needing a new roof, I hired Ron and his crew to install a metal roof on my house. I can honestly say that I have not been disappointed one bit.

They were finished with the job in a timely manner, cleaned up after themselves, and were willing to answer all of my many questions. Upon completion, I noticed one tiny spot that had just a few screws missing, Ron’s crew was fast to come back and fix the spot.

It has been a couple of months since the roof was installed, and my utility bill continues to decrease. I can say that hiring Ron with Lifetime Roofing has been a positive experience.


“We are very well satisfied with the roof!”

Recently we purchased a metal roof for our home from WeatherProof.
We are very well satisfied with the roof. It is the best money we have ever spent.

It makes our home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Thanks Ron for everything.

We filed our income tax and we are getting back $1436.00 of the rebate! We are happy with that!


“We were very happy with the friendly, quality service we received.”

We have always had a traditional roof but when it came time for replacement, we checked our options, getting several bids and decided to go with WeatherProofand a metal roof. We were having a terrible time with squirrels getting into our attic and tried everything we could think of to deter them and get rid of them.

Nothing worked — until we had our new metal roof installed. The squirrels couldn’t figure out what happened. Their access route had suddenly become slick and impassable. Watching them trying to run on the new metal roof was quite a sight. After the installation of our new metal roof, we also noticed a significant reduction in our electric bills.

We were very happy with the friendly, quality service we received from WeatherProof and have been very pleased with our new metal roof.


“They completed the roofing in a day and a half!”

WeatherProof Lifetime Roofing put a metal roof on my home this past April. Since that time I have received many compliments and inquiries about having it done. I would like to thank the crew from Weatherproof Lifetime Roofing for the professional installation on my roof.

They completed the roofing in a day and a half, cleaned up the yard and you would never have known they had been there, except for the new roof on my house. This summer has been extremely hot but my power bill has not increased as much as last summer.  It’s a good feeling to know that I have a durable roof and at the same time it’s saving me money in energy cost.